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Oven Features
Regenerative large

Plate thickness 2.0T, insulation thickness 150mm.
Three-sided box placed inside the thermal tiles, saving a lot of the heat in the furnace to produce the following effects:
. a door when the dough into the oven, reduce the oven temperature drop; later into the furnace closed, return to the baking temperature quickly.
b. energy to penetrate the center of the bread faster, shorten the baking time, a large volume of bread, soft, moist, long shelf life.
c. middle quiz smaller sweet bread, bread consistent color throughout.
Good insulation, low energy consumption
a. outer wall temperature is below 10 ° C, saving energy.
b. less baking power consumption.
Memory panel
a. one-button operation, 15 sets of program memory with USB.
b. using solid state relay SSR adjustable power feature can be adjusted with the power demand
Steam generator
a. using imported technology, stainless steel steam generator.
b. steam quantity, uniform, warmed quickly, in a short time can be re-sprayed.
c. each one independently.
Baking properties
a. within the box with full welding technology, better tank insulation effect.
b. stable stainless steel electric heating tube, direct heat conduction.
c. standard built-in steam group, easy to use, the steam spray evenly.
d. standard slate, regenerative better, in addition to effectively prevent the bottom of the coking products, but its heat stability, and less damage to the food inside the flavor of baked aroma of a more adequate food, pure flavor.
Model Voltage Power Weight Dimensions(mm) Capacity Bakeware placement Pan sizemm
UN-16/4 380V 36kw 1000kg 1790 ×1250 ×1920 4 layers 16 Heel 400×600
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